In 2010 Futuresonic will return as FutureEverything

Environment 2.0 Participation Projects: Climate Bubbles:

A playful, participatory project in which Bubble Blowing Games enable people across the city of Manchester to map air flow and the urban climate. Scroll down for simple to follow instructions on how you can take part.

Climate Bubbles
Met Office

Project Closed

The Climate Bubbles pilot project took place during Futuresonic 2009, with the focus a 24 hour period from 12 midday, Fri 15 May to 12 midday, Sat 16 May.

Climate Map

The map shows the wind direction and speed measurements using data collected from participants during the pilot project.


Take Part

Get involved by performing two types of measurements with bubbles to test air circulation, and by sharing the results online, enable the Met Office to get a snapshot of the Urban Heat Island phenomenon.

We encourage you to take part at different times of the day (and night). The best conditions for the experiment are during the daytime (11.00am-15.00pm) but a fun idea is to have a Bubbles Breakfast, or you may want to blow bubbles after work or school. Take part anywhere across Greater Manchester, we want races in as many different places as possible. Work in pairs if possible.

Since 2008, most of the world's population live in cities, and yet urban climate is difficult to observe via conventional methods.


Lead partners: Futuresonic 2009, Natural History Museum, Lancaster University. Lead artists: Drew Hemment, Alfie Dennen, Carlo Buontempo.

Supported by: ImaginationLancaster, FutureEverything, Met Office, Natural History Museum, OPAL (Open Air Laboratories network), Manchester City Council, Be Proud Love Manchester, Arts Council England, Lancaster Environment Centre, CESAGen, Institute for Advanced Studies, Centre for Science Studies, Lancaster University. OPAL is Funded by The National Lottery through Big Lottery Fund.

Game 1

The Bubble Chase

Blow and chase bubbles to measure wind direction in Manchester. Remember where you started and ended the run, then upload this to our website.

Game 2

The Bubble Race

Blow a bubble and record how long it takes to travel 10 metres. Upload the location of your measurement along with the time so we can work out the wind speed!

Get Started

All the resources you need to get involved including a full set of illustrated instructions, available as a printable worksheet.


Taken a measurement?

Upload data

The project is finished but you can try uploading data here if you have been bubble blowing.

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