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Volunteers Needed

This is an invaluable opportunity to gain hands on experience in the music and art world and be part of the excitement of an international festival. You will also be given a weekend wristband that will allow you free entry to all the Futuresonic events.

We are looking for enthusiastic, hard working individuals who would be interested in getting involved.

We look for commitment above all, a willingness to get involved and get along with artists, audience and the rest of the team. Please think seriously about the level of commitment you could offer before contacting us. Think also about your motivations and interests, to help us find the right opportunity for you.

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Hosting Artists

Futuresonic 2007 will see people visiting Manchester from around the globe. These people include artists visiting the city, festival directors coming for the ECAS meeting, and people like you, with a passion for art and music.

This year Futuresonic is introducing a scheme for Manchester residents to host people visiting Manchester for the festival.

If you would be interested in hosting someone please email stating:
Your full name
Date of birth
Profession/Employment status
Description of room available
What you are able to offer a person staying with you
Reasons for wanting to host a festival visitor

Please note: We need to ensure that anyone hosting a visitor is able to provide a reasonable level of accommodation. And it is essential that you only make an offer if you are certain you will be able to fulfil it. Visitors to the city will be tired, lost, and in your care!

Futuresonic 2008

Futuresonic presents electronic music and arts from around the world. Some artists are discovered by the festival team, others approach us, sending in samples of their work in response to our call for proposals. We are only able to present a small proportion of the projects that are proposed to us. But we can promise that any project sent in response to a call for proposals will be reviewed and seriously considered. In 2006 some key festival projects were discovered by the artists mailing us details of their work. These include Satellite Jockey, and Manchester Peripheral, which was commissioned by Futuresonic both for Futuresonic 2006 and for Manchester International Festival in 2007.

Each year Futuresonic invites anyone working in music or media arts to take part in EVNTS, a city-wide programme of affiliated events, with the EVNT Competition offering financial support for a limited number of events. EVNTS is a strand of the Futuresonic festival which enables artist groups and event organisers to participate in the festival. All participating events are included in the festival publicity, on the festival website, and in festival press releases. Since its introduction in 2005, EVNTS has grown into a community of people who each year return to give the festival an extra edge.

Send advance expressions of interest to

Please Be Aware

Please be aware that Futuresonic is run by a small team and so we cannot always promise to give feedback on individual submissions or to return artwork.

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