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Futuresonic 2007 presents

(Tripping The Light Fantastic)

A celebration of all things audio-visual on the 40th anniversary of seminal multi-media events that took place in the halcyon year of 1967. The famous UFO Club, the focus of the 60's London multi-media scene, is reborn for Futuresonic 2007. Futurevisual brings together legendary figures from the 1960's with some of the most cutting-edge AV artists working in the world today.

Thursday 10 May 2007

The Early Days of Multi-media
(Barry Miles in conversation
with Colin Fallows)
Greatest Hits of Multi-media, '67 - '07
(Special screening event)

Barry Miles - Legendary underground activist, UFO Club roving ambassador, Pink Floyd chronicler and co-founder of International Times and Indica, speaks of the heady days of 1967 and the "Multi-media" of the 60's. Followed by a very special screening of iconic films and AV from the last 40 years, drawing a shimmering arc between '67 and '07, and highlighting how the creative ferment of the 60s has echoed through the subsequent decades, presented by Michael Connor.

Contact Theatre
Doors 6pm - 8.00pm, Thursday 10th May
£5 / £3 Concessions BUY
Free with Weekender Wristband or Delegate Pass TICKET INFO

Friday 11 May 2007

Semiconductor: Sonic Inc & Brilliant Noise

Semiconductor's live sound films reveal our physical world in flux; cities in motion, shifting landscapes and systems in chaos. Exploring resonance through the natural order of things, finely crafted digital work is combined with analogue processes that tailor the randomness and errors within computer systems. An immersion in the sensuality of random precision.

Contact Theatre
Doors 6pm - 8.00pm, Friday 11th May
£5 / £3 Concessions BUY
Free with Weekender Wristband or Delegate Pass TICKET INFO
Spirit Of '77 artist talks at 6pm, Semiconductor at 7pm

Saturday 12 May 2007

Telcosystems: Raw Data

Telcosystems create stunning, organic live performances by delving deep into musical and visual code. The result is captivating and lucid, algorithmically generated experimental image and sound. Telcosystems carve beautiful, gritty narratives from programmed numerical logic.

Contact Theatre
Doors 6pm - 8.00pm, Saturday 12th May
£5 / £3 Concessions BUY
Free with Weekender Wristband or Delegate Pass TICKET INFO
Spirit Of '87 artist talks at 6pm, Telcosystems at 7pm

Saturday 12 May 2007

UFO Club vs TRAMP!


Hoppy & Jack Henry Moore (UFO)
+ Wolfgang Flur (Kraftwerk)
+ Black Devil Disco Club (live)

The seminal UFO Club was the focus of the 60's London multi-media scene. Futuresonic 2007 brings the UFO Club back to life, not frozen in amber, but with the main players from the 1960's collaborating with the bright young things of today - Manchester's very own TRAMP! With original lightshows created by the UFO's very own Jack Henry Moore, and with input from it's original promoter and counter-culture folk hero Hoppy Hopkins. Featuring music from artists who span the generations: a DJ set from Kraftwerk's beat-master Wolfgang Flur and the strange, beautiful, glitter-ball discovery of the century, Black Devil Disco Club, whose seminal dark electronic 1978 disco masterpiece '28 After' sent the rumour mill into overdrive when re-issued by Aphex Twin on Rephlex.
Presented by Futuresonic 2007 and TRAMP!

Read article by John 'Hoppy' Hopkins, Co-Founder of UFO Club.
Club Underground, Sackville St (campus, opposite Retro Bar), Manchester
Doors 9pm - 2am, Saturday 12 May
£12 Adv. / £14 on the door BUY
Free with Weekender Wristband or Delegate Pass TICKET INFO

Thursday 10 May - Saturday 12 May

Futurevisual Lounge

The relaxed setting of the Futurevisual Lounge plays host to three special screening programmes over the festival weekend, plus a number of installations, with a special champagne cocktail bar for the discerning audio-visual voyager.

Contact Theatre
10am - 8.00pm, Thursday 10 May - Saturday 12 May

Futurevisions 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm
Exceptional audio-visual works selected from an Open Call for submissions by Futuresonic's international judging panel.
See featured works

Direct from Berlin: Transmediale.07 11am, 2pm, 5.45pm
A selection of outstanding video works presented in the 2007 edition of the Berlin based Transemediale festival for art and digital culture.
See featured works

Futurevisual Live Preview: Semiconductor & Telcosystems 12.15pm, 3.15pm, 5pm
A preview selection of films by Semiconductor & Telcosystems who will be performing in Futurevisual Live.
See featured works

Futurevisual Installations
Audiovisual art projects and light and sound installations in the unique gallery space of Contact foyer.
See featured works

Saturday 12 May - Friday 18th May

Futurevisual On
The Bigger Picture

Works from Futurevisual shown as part of The Bigger Picture, Big Screen Manchester on a 25 square metre video screen with full sound system situated in Exchange Square, a public area regenerated after the IRA bomb in 1996, that has an estimated daily footfall of 50,000 people.


Big Screen Manchester, Exchange Square
Saturday 12 May - Friday 18th May

Futurevisual Jury

Thanks to the Futurevisual International Jury :

Casey Reas (Processing, USA)
Charlie Gere (Institute for Cultural Research, Lancaster/UK)
Colin Fallows (Liverpool School of Art & Design, UK)
David Butler (Screen Studies, University of Manchester, UK)
Drew Hemment (FutureEverything, UK)
Jose Luis de Vicente (ArtFutura/Sonar, Spain)
Kwong Lee (Director, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester/UK)
Lassi Tasajärvi (Creative Director, Evenlake Studios, Finland)
Lucas Bambozzi (Curator,, Brazil)
Michael Connor (Head of Exhibitions, BFI Southbank, UK/USA)
Patrick Lichty (Artist & Editor-in-Chief of Intelligent Agent, USA)
Suhjung Hur (Curator, Art Center Nabi, South Korea)

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