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Futuresonic 2007
300 Artists
100 Events
3 Days
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2007 Festival Recap

Futuresonic 2007

10-12 May 2007, Manchester

Highlights included stunning live music from mavericks and pioneers
of advanced sound; a spectacular exhibition freeing urban space and
making it strange in Manchester's central shopping centre; the cutting-
edge audio-visual arts alongside legendary figures from the 1960s in
Futurevisual; EVNTS, the 'wiki-festival'; a series of sound events in the
historic setting of Victoria Baths; and major international gatherings at
the Social Technologies Summit. The festival office was completely
destroyed in a major fire 7 days before the opening event - but thanks
to a great team the festival was a huge success and a joy to be part of.

Music For The Beep Generation, the Futuresonic festival's
central music strand, spanned musical generations and genres, from the
cutting edge of today's electronica including Apparat and Sleeparchive, to
the likes of French hip-hop sensation TTC, alongside Alexander Robotnick,
Kraftwerk's Wolfgang Flur, and legendary music pioneers, Faust.
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Futurevisual celebrated the 40th anniversary of seminal multi-media
events that took place in the halcyon year of 1967. The famous UFO
Club, the focus of the 60's London multi-media scene, was reborn at
Futuresonic 2007. Futurevisual brought together legendary figures
from the 1960s with some of the most cutting-edge audio-visual artists
working in the world today.
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Art For Shopping Centres was an exhibition of major,
world premier artworks in Manchester Arndale, the main city-centre
shopping centre in Manchester, after which you will never look at
a shopping centre the same again.
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The Social Technologies Summit returned with
a packed lineup of visionary participants, including one session
introducing the leading figures in the grass roots open source
movement that is sweeping across Brazil like wild fire and
captivating the world's imagination.
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EVNTS is a showcase for the best new and ground-breaking
events from around the world. Since its introduction in 2005,
EVNTS has grown into a community of people who each year
return to give the festival an extra edge.
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Music For The
Beep Generation

The Futuresonic festival's central music strand featured stunning live
performances in Manchester's main music venues, numerous diverse
events across the city, and low slung live music at the Futuresonic lounge.

Visit Beep Generation page. Artists include...

TTC + DJ Orgasmic + Kode 9 + TRAMP! DJs

9pm - 2am, Thursday 10 May

Mint Lounge

Faust + The Chap
7.30pm - 11pm, Friday 11 May
Academy 2

Apparat (live) + Transforma (visuals) + Sleeparchive (live) + MADE (live) + Naive Melody DJs plus visuals
9pm - 2am, Friday 11 May
Club Academy

UFO Club vs TRAMP!
Wolfgang Flur (Kraftwerk) + Black Devil Disco Club (live) + TRAMP! DJs + Hoppy & Jack Henry Moore
9pm - 2am, Saturday 12 May
Club Underground

Carbon - Official festival afterparty
Clark - LIVE (Warp) + Alexander Robotnick (Creme) + Ceephax Acid Crew (Rephlex) + Cylob (Rephlex) + Legowelt - LIVE (Bunker) + Ultre - LIVE (Overkill) + Computer Controlled
11pm - Dawn, Saturday 12 May
Islington Mill. NB - ticketed separately


EVNTS 2007

A Showcase of 21st Century
Happenings and Freak-outs

Sex With Robots Futuresonic Special - 65daysofstatic - Rare As A Green Dog - Tears On The Golf Course - Exodus - Audio Research Editions - Digital Show 2x - Bitmapping - Data Mine: Through the Sound Shaft

SoundNetwork - Waylaid - Any Tempo - Mutant Media Freak Show - Teatime Sessions - Audio-torium - The Knife 'Silent Shout' - Friendly Fire - Locked - Fuse - 8th Birthday - El Diablo's Social Club: Residents Party - Audio Research Editions - Digital Show 2x - Bitmapping - Data Mine: Through the Sound Shaft

SoundNetwork - Drowned In A Dull Roar - A Noisy Night In - Teatime Sessions Streetdance Masquerade - Burst Couch #21 - Broad-minded presents Persona - Green Bohemia vs Triptronic - Monatronic: Friends_Reunited - Rich Reason - Licktronica - Audio Research Editions - Digital Show 2x - Bitmapping - Data Mine: Through the Sound Shaft

SoundNetwork - Stylus Wind Down Party - Freq - Licktronica - Digital Show 2x - Bitmapping


Hot Spots

SoundNetwork / Siren /
Drowned in a Dull Roar

FREE STUDIO : Brazilian
open source culture
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