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Saturday 12 May 2007

Free Studio
(A part of the Social
Technologies Summit)

There is today a grass roots open source movement that is sweeping across Brazil like wild fire and captivating the world's imagination. Vicky Sinclair, who has been a friend of Futuresonic since 2001, visiting Brazil and along with VJ Pedro Zaz has initiated a local Estudio Livre (Free Studio) in Manchester, based on the Brazilian model.

Futuresonic 2007 invites the leading figures from Brazil and around the world to participate in a high profile conference session on this movement.

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Read article by Dougald Hine on the Pontos de Cultura in Brazil.


Cultural Hotspots:
Open Source Culture

Cristiano Scabello, James Wallbank and Matthew Edmondson plus Guests

Cristiano Scabello (Brazil), one of the most inspirational artists working in Brazil's open source culture, will talk about music, media, free and open source software (floss), and cultural diffusion from the perspective of his experience with some collectives and actions that happen in Brazil. A few examples are:
Dubversão Sistema de Som
An urban intervention sound system collective, they make parties in the streets of São Paulo inspired by jamaican sound systems.
Estudio Livre
A research and production collective that focuses on free and open source software and philosophy.
Cultura Digital
Brazilian Ministry of Culture's action geared toward access to knowledge and networked communication inside the Cultural Hotspots project.

Cristiano will be joined by leading open source activists from the UK, James Wallbank and Matthew Edmondson, plus figures from across Europe who are working to develop the Brazilian model internationally. They will consider the potential offered by the Brazilian model, and by open source generally. The mantra of 'free and open source' is migrating from software into ever more spheres of life. Large corporations have adopted open source software. How can the social model of 'bottom up ICT' take root more widely? Is the belief that 'if it works with software it will work with people' another case of techno-utopianism? Or is open source culture about more than just what goes on inside our computer, a rallying cry and a real alternative in the way we lead our lives?

Chaired by Dave Carter, Head of Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA)

Saturday 12 May, 2pm - 4pm
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Claudio Prado:
Brazilian Pontos de Cultura

Claudio Prado, 63 is the leading figure in the Brazilian movement. He was deeply involved in the countercultural movement in 1960's London - he was one of the organizers of the first Glastonbury Festival, and was involved in the launch of the International Times and of the first format of Time Out. In London he met the musician Gilberto Gil, now Culture Minister of Brazil, with whom he has had a lifetime friendship.

Claudio is now in a unique position, working in a very new frontier between government and media activists running the Digital Culture Department of the Ministry of Culture of Brazil. He is the man responsible for Brazil's involvement in international discussions around digital and open source culture, and all its consequences in IP regulations, cultural production and identity, creative economy and so on. He is also responsible for putting all these concepts into practice, through the Pontos de Cultura (literally, 'Bridges of Culture') project - 600 grassroots cultural centers spread all around the country that receive a digital multimedia production infrastructure and take part in a series of meetings and workshops regarding free and open source software for multimedia production, open licensing, gift economy and similar subjects.

Saturday 12 May, 8pm - 9pm
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Free Studio Presentations Pt1

The talks continue after the OPEN SOURCE CULTURE conference session, with a series of presentations and films by open source and environmental activists. Includes figures involved in the establishment of a Ponto de Cultura in Manchester, plus also presentations from Manchester's UHC on their environmental projects, and by MediaShed on the Gearbox free-media video toolkit implemented for the first time in the Art For Shopping Centres exhibition at Manchester Arndale.

Saturday 12 May, 4pm-6pm
Council Chambers, Steve Biko Building (upstairs in Academy), Oxford Road

Free Studio Presentations Pt2

The action moves to Hulme's Zion Centre, with more international presentations culminating in a structured meeting that aims to lay the groundwork for a Manchester Ponto de Cultura (cultural hotspot) developed on the Brazilian model. The workshop will explore the local factors in different international contexts affect how open source and free-media communities can develop and take root. Participants include Claudio Prado, Cristiano Scabello, Dave Carter, Francesca Bria, Dario Biagetti, Phil Mayer, Aoife Giles, Pedro Zaz and Vicky Sinclair.

Sunday 13 May, 12pm-5pm
Zion Centre, Hulme


Mutant Media Festival


An extensive series of workshops led by Mutant Media's Mick Fuzz, including:
Video Redux, by UK Hip Hop video producer, Greg Hall /
Video/ Radio Podcasting aka Create your own on-line TV Channel /
Video production 101 /
DVD production with Subtitles using Free Software /
Putting Video on the Internet / You Tube / CDRom [Open Source] /
Introduction to using Drupal [Open Source] /
Making a Linux Video Archive Jukebox [Linux]

Basement Social Centre, 24 Lever St
April/May - See website for details

Media Activism Event

A window into media activism around the world. We will also look new techniques to evolve media activism to a new level to reflect the opportunities of Internet distribution. Films and talks on using open source technology for audio and video creativity in Brazil. How and why you should be creating Internet TV right now. Plus performance by Geoffrey Software and Tight Fisted Cow.

Friday 11 May, 8.30pm
Basement Social Centre, 24 Lever St


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