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EVNTS 2007

A Showcase of 21st Century
Happenings and Freak-outs

Sex With Robots Futuresonic Special - 65daysofstatic - Rare As A Green Dog - Tears On The Golf Course - Exodus - Audio Research Editions - Digital Show 2x - Bitmapping - Data Mine: Through the Sound Shaft

SoundNetwork - Waylaid - Any Tempo - Mutant Media Freak Show - Teatime Sessions - Audio-torium - The Knife 'Silent Shout' - Friendly Fire - Locked - Fuse - 8th Birthday - El Diablo's Social Club: Residents Party - Audio Research Editions - Digital Show 2x - Bitmapping - Data Mine: Through the Sound Shaft

SoundNetwork - Drowned In A Dull Roar - A Noisy Night In - Teatime Sessions Streetdance Masquerade - Burst Couch #21 - Broad-minded presents Persona - Green Bohemia vs Triptronic - Monatronic: Friends_Reunited - Rich Reason - Licktronica - Audio Research Editions - Digital Show 2x - Bitmapping - Data Mine: Through the Sound Shaft

SoundNetwork - Stylus Wind Down Party - Freq - Licktronica - Digital Show 2x - Bitmapping


A city wide programme of events, showcasing the best new and
ground breaking events from around the world.

EVNTS is a strand of the Futuresonic festival which enables artist
groups and event organisers to participate in the festival. Since
its introduction in 2005, EVNTS has grown into a community of
people who each year return to give the festival an extra edge.

The EVNTS community is hosting a meeting of Directors of
European new music festivals on the first day of the
Futuresonic 2007 festival. Click here for more details.

Why EVNTs?

The Futuresonic EVNT Showcase is a semi-open festival strand. It is intended to enable more people to participate in the festival. It is not fully open, because Futuresonic offers funding to some events, and will help match-make event organisers to venues, so that people from outside Manchester can participate.* Futuresonic EVNT came out of a collaboration with an event mapping project of the same name supported by Arts Council England in 2005.

There are plenty of festivals out there supporting record labels and individual artists. The fact that there are none also supporting the staging of events seems strange. Events are a vital way for artists to have their work seen and heard, but events can also be creative spaces in their own right, hot houses, moments of intensity. They expose artists to new ways of thinking and playing, and force them to confront their audience. The audience can rub shoulders with the artists, hang out with strangers, find the unexpected or have the unexpected find them. And for the organiser there is the sheer joy of holding things together when by rights they should have fallen apart.

Click here to visit the EVNTS community page (in development).